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DHIS version 2.32 is released
DHIS2 version 2.32 is out with many new features, apps, improvements and bug fixes.
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Collect, manage, visualize and explore your data
DHIS2 is the flexible, web-based open-source information system with awesome visualization features including GIS, charts and pivot tables.
WHO Toolkit
WHO Toolkit
The World Health Organization has published a set of guidance documents and standards to optimize the analysis and use of data collected through routine health information systems. Through collaboration with the University of Oslo, disease-specific modules for DHIS2 have been developed and can now be downloaded from the WHO website.
App store
your apps
The self-service app store for DHIS2 is now available. It lets you upload and manage your own generic apps. Let others benefit from your work today!
Simple to deploy, free to use,
easy to scale
Deploy DHIS2 on premise or get up and running in minutes with a managed cloud instance.
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Global impact
DHIS2 is the world's largest health management information system (HMIS) platform, in use by 67 low and middle-income countries. 2.28 billion (30% of the world's population) people live in countries where DHIS2 is used. Read more in the factsheet.
Integrated system
DHIS2 is typically used as national health information systems for data management and analysis purposes, for health program monitoring and evaluation, as facility registries and service availability mapping, for logistics management and for mobile tracking of pregnant mothers in rural communities.
Runs on everything
With DHIS2 you can capture data on any type of device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and feature phones. Most solutions work-offline, enabling improved reach in locations with poor connectivity. DHIS2 provides a wide range of solutions based on HTML5, SMS and Java.
DHIS 2 Academy Lilongwe 2013
Capacity building
Through the DHIS2 Academy, the Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) aims to build a community of DHIS 2 users and experts in various regions, as well as facilitate sharing of experience with DHIS 2 deployments and strategies for national-scale HIS implementations. Look out for the next DHIS 2 Academy in your region and apply now!
Global community
DHIS 2 development is coordinated by the Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) and is an open and globally distributed process with developers in Vietnam, India, Tanzania, Norway, Ireland and United States of America. The community includes monitoring and evaluation specialists, medical doctors, information technology experts, software developers and many others.
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