DHIS 2.16 Upgrade Notes

The following changes require action on the implementer's side.

  • A property "encryption.password" should be added to hibernate.properties file if you plan to use the data synchronization feature, see the docs.
  • From data administration > scheduling, scheduling should be deactivated, set according to your needs and finally activated.
  • From settings > email settings, the SMTP password must be set again and saved. The password will now be encrypted in the database.

The following database changes require no action and will happen automatically when running the new WAR file the first time.

  • Column "completed" of table "programstageinstance" has been removed and is replaced by the existing "status" column.
  • The values in column "domaintype" of table "dataelement" have been migrated from "aggregate" to "AGGREGATE" and from "patient" to "TRACKER".
  • A column "lastupdated" will be added to table "datavalue", this might take some time when starting up the system for the first time.
  • A column "attributeoptioncomboid" will be added to table "completedatasetregistration". It is normal to see an error in the log the very first time the system is started on version 2.16.
  • Column "active" of table "dataelement" will be removed.