DHIS 2.17 Upgrade Notes

The following changes require action on the implementer's side.

  • The option for assigning data sets to organisation unit groups has been removed. If you relied on this option you must re-assign organisation units to data sets.
  • Four new authorities have been introduced for import/export: Import GML, Import events, Import from other systems, Export events. These could be assigned to appropriate user roles.

The following database changes require no action and will happen automatically when running the new WAR file the first time.

  • The "optionsetmembers" table is replaced by the "optionvalue" table. Options now have a code which is referred to in datavalue table in order to improve stability.
  • The "datadictionary" table has been removed.
  • The "concept" table has been removed.
  • The table "dataelementcategoryoption" has a new column "shortname".