DHIS 2.22 Upgrade


  • The DHIS 2 configuration file is now called dhis.conf and has a range of new and renamed properties. The hibernate.properties configuration file is deprecated. Consult the installation guide for details.
  • A configuration property encryption.password must be set in case you would like to take advantage of the new attribute value encryption feature. This value should be a random string of at least 24 characters. You also need to install the "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE)" on your server in order to encrypt information. Consult the encryption installation guide for details.
  • The password for the SMTP server under Settings > Email must be re-entered.
  • The remote server configuration under Settings > Synchronization must be re-entered.


  • The restriction that users with "critical authorities" cannot recover their password or receive user account invitations has been removed.
  • Apps are automatically served from the Web API. The settings for serving apps from custom server directory / URL have been removed. If you have apps which are not served through the Web API you can simply re-install them.
  • In tracker capture search, by default the root of the hierarchy used for person search is the "data capture org unit" of the current user, and all org units in the sub-hierarchy will be searched.


  • The default resource representation of lists of objects contain only the "id" and "displayName" properties. You can get the previous behavior through the field filtering mechanism by appending &fields=:identifiable to the URL.
  • Properties for "created" and "storedBy" have been added for tracked entity data value and tracked entity attribute value. Propery "storedBy" has been added to program stage instance.
  • The "completedUser" property has been renamed to "completedBy" for program instance and program stage instance.
  • The "objectUid" property has been renamed to "objectId" for translation.