DHIS 2.23 Upgrade


  • Run the database SQL upgrade script once before updating the WAR file. It only applies if you have set up program rules for your system.


  • In order to take advantage of the GIS clustering functionality introduced in DHIS 2.23 you must install the PostGIS extender on the server. After installing the extender, PostGIS will be installed in the database automatically when DHIS 2 is started. Please read the installation guide.

User Interface

  • The Organisation unit module has been merged into the Maintenance app.
  • The Data elements and Indicators module has been merged into the Maintenance app.
  • Scheduled program messages has been moved from the Program app to the Data administration app under Scheduling.


  • The local SMS modem functionality which could be configured under the Mobile Configuration app has been removed.
  • The aggregation query builder and scheduled aggregation has been removed. This feature is superseded by program indicators.