2.26 Upgrade


System Administration

  • A new authority View event analytics (F_VIEW_EVENT_ANALYTICS) has been introduced, which controls whether the user should be able to view event reports and event charts through the event analytics Web API endpoint.
  • The system setting for hiding unapproved data in analytics has been moved to a new analytics system settings section, and renamed to max number of years to hide unapproved data in analytics. This provides greater control and allows you to automatically show data after a given number of years, as well as pruning the data approval table for better performance.


  • The Expression - dataElementsInExpression association has been removed from the API and data model.
  • When POSTing data elements, data sets and programs one can omit the category combo if it is "default". The default category combo will be injected by if omitted.

User Interface

  • Validation rule management has been moved from the Data quality app to the Maintenance app.
  • Messaging and interpretations have been split out from the dashboard app and turned into separate apps.