DHIS2 currently offers a suite of Android apps to do offline data capture across aggregated, events and tracker DHIS2 data
models. Additionally, a Dashboard app allows downloading some types of charts for offline access.

A new generation app, as well as an SDK for developers to build their own apps is currently being developed, and is expected
to be released by mid 2018.


Using DHIS2 Android currently requires some specific considerations - a setup guide as well as a user guide for the current
suite of apps is available. Detailed documentation on which DHIS2 features are implemented in each app, limitations and
differences between DHIS2 web and Android apps is now available.


During 2018 the Android team plans to release a new generation App as well as an SDK to allow others to develop their own
custom apps that use DHIS2 as a platform. You can find details about the development of the SDK, as well as the new generation
Android DHIS2 app roadmap.

Download current apps

You can install the current generation of DHIS2 Android apps directly from the Google Store, or you can download the APKs if you need to control distribution.