Introduction to DHIS 2

Online Academy on DHIS 2 Fundamentals

Duration: Self-paced course

Prerequisite: A basic computer literacy is required and statistics and public health knowledge is recommended to take full advantage of the course.

Date of launch: March 2017

Cost: Free of charge


This online course will be an introduction to DHIS 2 providing a high level overview of the key features. It will be structured around four elements:

  • A conceptual model called the information cycle;
  • DHIS 2 configuration to monitor health related indicators and progress towards targets such as international development goals;
  • One mother and child health example program – the 1000 most vulnerable days;
  • A DHIS 2 sandbox training environment called Trainingland;
  • One essential managerial tool – the DHIS 2 Dashboard.
Learning Objectives
  • Introduction to DHIS 2 core concepts;
  • DHIS 2 key features supporting data collection, validation, visualization, presentation and information use;
  • Database design and data collection;
  • Data analysis and data visualization;
  • Data elements, data sets and indicators;
  • GIS;
  • Dashboards, Sharing and Messaging: More on interpretation in info. Use;
  • DHIS 2 Design Principles;
  • DHIS 2 Organisation Units;
  • Tracker background and introduction;
  • Report application
  • Introduction to Anonymous Events;
  • Introduction to Patient Tracking;
  • Event and Tracker Data Analysis;
  • Implementation Strategies;
  • Use cases.

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