DHIS2 Academies

The DHIS2 Academies aim to strengthen national and regional capacity to successfully set up, design and maintain DHIS2 systems. Through an intensive training combining theoretical and practical sessions, you will become a DHIS2 expert ready to support your organisation's data collection, analysis, and reporting needs using DHIS2. This capacity building provides a better understanding of the available DHIS2 tools and their best practices. Go here if you are looking for the DHIS2 online academy, or see the list of upcoming regional DHIS2 Academies below.


6 reasons to attend a DHIS2 Academy

Get to know DHIS2 latest features

Network and interact with members of DHIS2 Community

Learn from DHIS2 experts how to address real life challenges

Receive a DHIS2 certificate

Ask questions and provide your feedback to our experts

Proven track record: Since 2011, over 4500 participants from 60 countries have been trained

DHIS2 Academies Highlights

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Amis francophones, nous sommes heureux d'annoncer la première Académie de niveau 2 sur l'Administration du Serveur qui se tiendra du 16 au 21 septembre à Lomé, Togo. Inscriptions: https://www.dhis2academy.org/lome-sa-2019/

A real pleasure to hear such positive feedback. Here are some insight from Ekow Wiah (Ghana Health Service) on the last Android Implementation Academy. To attend one of our upcoming ones, check below! And thank you Ekow.
Queridos amigos de língua portuguesa, Temos o prazer de anunciar a primeira Academia de Nível 2 para os países de língua portuguesa dedicada à Qualidade de Dados e que será realizada de 30 de setembro a 4 de outubro em Maputo, Moçambique. Melhor qualidade de dados, melhores decisões! Inscrições aqui: https://www.dhis2academy.org/maputo-dq-2019/


Upcoming Academies

If you have already attended a DHIS2 Academy or completed the Online Course on DHIS2 Fundamentals, you can continue your DHIS2 training by registering for a regional DHIS2 Academy:

Check out our next DHIS2 Academy Level 1 in your region

Region Dates  Location Specialization Registration 
Afrique Francophone 7 - 12 Octobre 2019 Lomé, Togo Niveau 1: Tracker Inscriptions
Eastern Africa 28 October - 2 November 2019 Kigali, Rwanda Level 1: Tracker Registration
Para paises de lingua Portuguesa 4 - 9 de Novembro 2019 Maputo, Moçambique Nível 1: Tracker Inscrição
Western and Central Africa 18 - 23 November 2019 Abuja, Nigeria Level 1: Design and Customization Registration

Check out our next DHIS2 Academy Level 2 in your region

Dates Location Specialization Registration
16 - 21 Septembre  Lomé, Togo Administration de serveur Inscriptions
30 de Setembro - 4 de Outubro Maputo, Moçambique Qualidade de dados Inscrição
10 - 13 December Negombo, Sri Lanka Android Development and Implementations  Registration

Everything you need to know about DHIS2 Academies


The DHIS2 Academies aim to build a community of DHIS2 users and experts in the different regions and facilitate sharing of experiences on DHIS2 deployments and strategies for national-scale HIS implementations. DHIS2 experts will be available to guide you on practical work with your DHIS2 databases, whether it is in an initial or more advanced phase, e.g. help designing data sets and collection tools, or indicators and reporting outputs (charts, dashboards, maps, pivot tables, etc.).

Who attends?

Everyone with a strong interest in DHIS2! Whether you are a DHIS2 implementer with over 5 years' experience, a system administrator, part of a management team or M&E officer and aim to achieve agreed learning objectives. Our Academies bring together representatives from Ministries of Health, Non-Governmental Organisations, International Organisations and Consultants from all countries, with the aim to build a community of DHIS2 users and experts to successfully set up, design and maintain DHIS2 systems. Please check out the prerequisites for each Academy. Each Academy has a ceiling on the maximum number of participants to ensure good quality training. Depending on the interest, we may put in place quotas on participants per country.


Our Academies are conducted in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish depending on the host country official language. The training curriculum remains the same across the regions.


The structure and material have gone through a complete makeover. We are now offering:

  • One Online Academy to the Fundamentals of DHIS2; This Academy is now available (online only). Enroll now!
  • Three different Level 1 Academies covering the main features of the software;
  • Level 2 Academies that cover a range of more specialized topics, both a continuation of the three core topics from Level 1 as well as additional themes such as app development, server administration, mobile deployments, implementation strategies, disease surveillance and more.

Whether you are new to DHIS2, have a limited experience with the software or have previously attended an Academy, these new Level 1 Academies will provide interesting insights and the opportunity to go into more advanced features with more time for in-depth discussions than in any of the previous Level 2 Academies.

Check out the prerequisites for: Online Academy on DHIS2 Fundamentals, the DHIS2 Analytics Tools Academy, the DHIS2 Tracker Academy, and the DHIS2 Design & Customization. We host up to 3 Level 1 Academies in Eastern & Southern Africa, Western & Central Africa, Asia each year.

Our Regional Partners

The Level 1 Academies are hosted by our regional partners who are all DHIS2 experts with vast regional implementation experience.

HISP West Africa - Pays Francophones d' Afrique de l'Ouest et Centrale
HISP Nigeria - English speaking countries in Western and Central Africa
Saudigitus - Para paises de lingua Portuguesa
America & Europe
Northern America
Latin America
Caribbean countries
HISP Sri Lanka
HISP Bangladesh

DHIS2 Online Academy

DHIS2 Fundamentals

As a result of taking this online course, you will progressively:

  • Get a working knowledge of DHIS2 principles and terminology, with an overall understanding of how DHIS2 can be used to collect and analyze aggregate and individual based data;
  • Have a broad understanding of how DHIS2 can be used to meet multiple health information system requirements;
  • Be able to choose your next specialized Level 1 Academy: Design and Customization, Tracker or Analytics tools.

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Level 1 Academies

DHIS2 Analytics tools Academy

This 6-day course will teach you how to fully utilize the DHIS2 downstream data analysis tools and key methods for data quality analysis. You will also be introduced to data feedback mechanisms to guide resource allocation and promote program ownership at the grassroots level. You will learn:

  • How to produce relevant information from DHIS2;
  • How to present this information in charts, tables, and maps, and how to share these with others, such as in dashboards.

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DHIS2 Tracker Academy

Get introduced to basic concepts of designing, collecting, analyzing and performing preliminary administration on event and case-based data. The-6 day course will focus on:

  • How to set up tracking and event based programs for both web and android;
  • Configuring tracker for surveys;
  • The sharing model.

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DHIS2 Design & Customization Academy

This 6-day training provides a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of best and worst practices in DHIS2 design and customization by:

  • Providing participants with skills regarding the design and customization of DHIS2 to support aggregate data collection, validation, visualization, presentation and information sharing;
  • Enabling you to specialize further in DHIS2 Aggregate Design & Customization.

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Level 2 Academies

The Level 2 Academies cover a range of more specialized topics, both a continuation of the three core topics from Level 1 as well as additional themes such as app development, server administration, mobile deployments, implementation strategies, disease surveillance and more. Topics include disease surveillance, server administration, community health, web apps development and android implementation.

If you are an experienced DHIS2 implementer who has already completed a Level 1 Academy and is ready to learn more, the Level 2 Academies are designed for you.



For any questions regarding DHIS2 Academies please contact us at post@dhis2.org

For any questions regarding the DHIS2 Online Academy please contact us at onlineacademy@dhis2.org