DHIS 2 Academy for Asia

HISP India

The Society for Health Information Systems Programmes, India, (HISP India) operating since 2000, is one of the oldest nodes in the HISP Global network, has significantly contributed to the evolution of DHIS 2 together with various partners, supporting multiple regional (South Asia) implementations of DHIS 2, while strongly embedded in strengthening health information systems in Indian States and Asian countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Tajikistan and others.

HISP India also works with various international agencies like WHO Geneva and SEARO, PATH, GIZ, Malaria Consortium, Health Poverty Action, PSI and others on particular systems development and capacity strengthening projects..

HISP India has worked extensively with various information systems for strengthening public health systems including DHIS 2 for HMIS, Human Resources for Health IS, Hospital Information Systems, MHealth systems, Dashboards for analytics and various others with a key focus is on integration of systems, both technically and institutionally.

Capacity strengthening is a core strength of HISP India, and has conducted DHIS 2 related training, hand holding support, troubleshooting, and other implementation supported activities as a central activity. They have a dedicated unit in the organization on Capacity Building who are designing and conducting Continued Professional Development programmes, running of DHIS2 Academies, State level trainings, and the building of training related resource materials.

HISP India is a vibrant place for learning and doing, and they try to build upon and extend the DHIS 2 “networks of action” in India and South Asia, with concrete activities on the group.

HISP India is actively collaborating with University of Oslo to host a series of Academies in Asia.

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