DHIS 2 Academy, Level 1

DHIS 2 Tracker Academy

Duration: 6 days

Prerequisite: A completion certificate awarded during a previous DHIS2 Academy or having completed the Online Course on DHIS2 Fundamentals.


This specialization course covers all aspects of DHIS 2 tracker; the feature set in DHIS 2 supporting event and patient (tracked entity) level data. You will be introduced to basic concepts of designing, collecting, analyzing and performing preliminary administration on event and case-based data through a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Learning Objectives

The Learning objectives are:

  • Event and tracker program;
  • Tracker apps;
  • DHIS 2 event capture and Tracker capture;
  • Tracker terminology and tracker data model;
  • Tracker programs configuration;
  • Program rules, program indicators and configuration;
  • Event configuration and event reports;
  • Integrated analytics.
Course outline
  • Use Cases;
  • Tracker based terminology and data model;
  • Tracker program Design and configuration;
  • Configuration of program rules and indicators;
  • Data protection;
  • Data analysis.

Attendance to this training is mandatory to attend the Level 2 Academies on Tracker or Disease Surveillance.