DHIS 2 App Store

Apps can be installed on your DHIS 2 instance. Have an app you want to share with the community? You can send it to us together with a 50-word description and a screenshot at apps@dhis2.org.
Maps Preview
A preview of the next generation maps (GIS) app, with an easy-to-use interface where any number of layers can be added and the order re-arranged by drag-and-drop. A new data table allows you to explore and filter your data while the map is updated instantly. The new maps app is planned for 2.29, but you can start to use the experimental version today.
Author: DHIS 2 | Version: 1.0
Requires: DHIS 2.27
Data Table
Data Table is an app that lets you visualize indicator and data element data in a table. It features easy drill-down in the time and space dimensions, meaning you can easily drill down from years to quarters and months, and from provinces to districts and sites. It displays the numerator and denominator values for indicator formulas, and the relevant groups for data element values.
Author: DHIS 2 / HISP SA | Version: 23
Requires: DHIS 2.22
Interactive Scorecard
The interactive score card app lets you create an interactive score card instantly with customization with a few clicks. Create a score card that lets you visualize your data and navigate across period and organisation units, click indicator titles to get chart and table analysis and dictionary of the displayed indicator.
Author: John Mukulu | Version: 18
Requires: DHIS 2.18
Tabular Tracker Capture
Tabular Tracker Capture is an app that makes you more effective and productive when capturing lots of persons and event information. It lets you register new persons and other entities, do enrollment in programs and enter event or case information in the same screen. You can easily navigate between organisation units, time periods and enrollment status.
Author: James Chang
Version: 1.3 | Requires: DHIS 2.20
Version: 1.2 | Requires: DHIS 2.17
Custom JS/CSS
Custom JS/CSS is an app that lets you create and maintain custom Javascript and CSS content for your DHIS 2 instance. The Javascript and CSS can be used to override existing look or behavior or add new, such as modifying the look of the login page. This app is a front-end to the files Web API resource.
Author: Victor Garcia | Version: 1.0
Requires: DHIS 2.17
The Visualizr app is a great data visualization tool which offers a simple and intuitive user interface. This app is especially well suited for new users who are not experienced with data visualization, as you can create meaningful analysis with only a few clicks. It lets you create trend line analysis, comparison charts and proportions in the shape of pie charts, and works perfectly on mobile devices.
Author: Tuwas | Version: 1.0
Requires: DHIS 2.13
Web Portal
The Web Portal app is a great starting point for building your own web portal or site based on DHIS 2. This app builds on the wide range of plugins which exists for DHIS 2, letting you embed interactive charts, maps and pivot tables with live data directly in your web page. Deploy this app directly as your organisation's data portal or copy it and modify the HTML code to fit your requirements.
Author: Jan Henrik Øverland | Version: 1.1
Requires: DHIS 2.15