DHIS2 Beta Testing

Thank you for your interest in DHIS2 beta testing!

The current release candidate for DHIS2 2.30 is RC3, created on 1 July 2018. RC3 beta testing will run until 4 July 2018.

You can use the following resources to beta test the release candidate:

Demo Server
Two demo systems have been created for beta testing:


Feel free to use either one.

As with other DHIS2 demo systems, you can log on with admin/district.
If you wish to have an additional account please just ask phil@dhis2.org.
Unlike the other demo systems, these will not be reset each day, so you can keep data for the duration of the beta testing. This may be useful for setting up scenarios to demonstrate bugs clearly.

If the database becomes corrupt at some time, we may have to reset. If you let us know that you are testing on the beta demo servers (email phil@dhis2.org), then we can keep you informed of any changes.

If you wish to test locally, the RC3 war file can be downloaded from:


A copy of the Sierra Leone test DB, matching that on the demo server, can be downloaded from here:


To upgrade a database from DHIS2 2.29, please use the upgrade script here:


(to upgrade from earlier releases, please see the upgrade notes for successive releases on our downloads page)

If you wish, you can checkout a "frozen" version of the dhis2-core repository by using the 2.30-RC3 branch.
This differs from "dev" in that it will always build against the same version of the web apps, whereas dev will take the latest build of the apps.

Please feel free to test the functionality that is most important to you. But bear in mind that the focus for beta testing is

Regression: functionality that was working before but is now broken, and
Problems with new features

As background information see the information regarding fixed issues in 2.30 at the bottom of this page.

Reporting Issues

We would appreciate it if you could raise beta testing issues into the specially created Jira project "DHIS 2 2.30 Release Candidate" found here:


It would help us to have clear test steps to reproduce an issue, and it would be most convenient if you can first reproduce the problem on one of the demo servers.
If you are testing on your own system, please provide as much additional information as you can, such as screenshots, console and server logs, type of data, etc.
We do encourage you to test with your own database where possible, in order to test the most representative environments!


If you have questions at any time, please don't hesitate to contact phil@dhis2.org

Preliminary Release Note

New Features

Priority Key Summary Status
Medium DHIS2-4147 Align dashboard/grid-layout item min-height Done
Medium DHIS2-4070 Cancel unnecessary network requests and render attempts when switching between dashboards Done
Medium DHIS2-4052 Totals and subtotals turned off by default in pivot tables Done
Medium DHIS2-3941 Modify the auto-generated SMS message prompted from SMS TE enrollment Done
Medium DHIS2-3932 Inlude "userOrgUnits" query parameter for user resource Done
Medium DHIS2-3919 Include proper key for seeing custom apps Done
Medium DHIS2-3891 Post new interpretation or new comment to all users following analytical object Done
Medium DHIS2-3867 Program audit log configuration Done
Medium DHIS2-3842 Implement connectivity badge Done
Medium DHIS2-3823 Async tracked entity instance import Done
Medium DHIS2-3790 Authority for allowing cascading delete Done
Medium DHIS2-3788 Attributes for categories Done
Medium DHIS2-3702 Update PP Global flag Done
Medium DHIS2-3691 Authority for allowing a user to edit expired data Testing
Medium DHIS2-3668 Routing in Dashboard App Done
Medium DHIS2-3660 Support csv and xml download of events Done
Medium DHIS2-3645 Functionality for saving edits to single events Done
Medium DHIS2-3642 Page with routing to open/edit a given single event and in the context of an organisation unit Done
Medium DHIS2-3627 Tracked entity instance ownership Testing
Medium DHIS2-3617 TrackedEntityInstances API default listing should only include data from capture org units Done
Medium DHIS2-3583 Registering new tracked entity instance type Testing
Medium DHIS2-3505 Tracked entity type audit log configuration Done
Medium DHIS2-3500 Predictors should consider previously-predicted values Done
Medium DHIS2-3494 Improve default order of periods in analytics API Done
Medium DHIS2-3480 Enrollment read audit log Done
Medium DHIS2-3447 UI skeleton for visualizer Done
Medium DHIS2-3434 API Specification Viewer Done
Medium DHIS2-3430 Add possibility to edit analytic object interpretations and interpretation replies in Dashboard items Done
Medium DHIS2-3426 UI update for PT/DV/ER/EV - Right Panel, Top area Done
Medium DHIS2-3425 Support for ‘following’ of analytic objects Done
Medium DHIS2-3422 Rich text on description, interpretations and comments Done
Medium DHIS2-3419 Data quality app Done
Medium DHIS2-3418 Data administration app Done
Medium DHIS2-3393 Add users to a message conversation Done
Medium DHIS2-3391 Search MessageConversations Retesting
Medium DHIS2-3368 Support for badge in header bar Done
Medium DHIS2-3367 Infrastructure for offline application state handling Done
Medium DHIS2-3349 Support queued bulk import of enrollments using kafka Done
Medium DHIS2-3348 Support queued bulk import of tracked entity instances using kafka Done
Medium DHIS2-3347 Support queued bulk import of events using kafka Done
Medium DHIS2-3338 Analytics table generation in data admin app Done
Medium DHIS2-3337 Visual defect in tracker capture app when using French translations Done
Medium DHIS2-3325 Account for Dataset Assignment in Approvals Done
Medium DHIS2-3299 Avoid reload of dashboard when marking as favorite Done
Medium DHIS2-3281 Duplicate internal message delivery Done
High DHIS2-3277 Attributes for several additional data types Done
Medium DHIS2-3260 Icon picker in maintenance app Testing
Medium DHIS2-3219 Operation crashes when program rule execution fails Done
High DHIS2-3212 Bootstrap the new visualizer app Done
Medium DHIS2-3206 New favorites menu component Done
Medium DHIS2-3202 SQL views in maintenance app Done
Medium DHIS2-3176 Follow up analysis Done
Medium DHIS2-3175 Min-max outlier analysis Done
Medium DHIS2-3174 Std Dev outlier analysis Done
Medium DHIS2-3173 Validation rule analysis Done
Medium DHIS2-3163 Events - new property - polygon/multipylgon Done
Medium DHIS2-3153 Evaluate and trigger program rule action to send message on update Done
Medium DHIS2-3147 Program Stage Section rendering type Maintenance UI Done
Medium DHIS2-3146 Support creation of polygons in location map picker Testing
Medium DHIS2-3128 Adding org unit group as filter for Program Rules Done
Medium DHIS2-3095 Import-export user interface Done
Medium DHIS2-3074 Electing a node leader in cluster mode Testing
Medium DHIS2-2998 About page Testing
Medium DHIS2-2845 Scheduler app should use PO files Done
Medium DHIS2-2824 Messages item - visual improvements Done
Medium DHIS2-2808 Add two factor authentication properties to user-profile-app Done
Medium DHIS2-2804 Ability to filter enrollments based on deleted status Done
Medium DHIS2-2798 Backend: support for 'mentions' on interpretations and comments Done
Medium DHIS2-2797 Implementation of mentioning UI feature for PV/DV/ER/EV Done
High DHIS2-2787 ProgramRuleEngine SendMessage action - schedule notifications for delivery Done
Medium DHIS2-2780 Hibernate cluster 2nd level cache invalidation Testing
High DHIS2-2778 Spring Session for session management Testing
Medium DHIS2-2714 Tracked entity instance query prioritization - phase 1 Done
Medium DHIS2-2711 User app Done
Medium DHIS2-2697 Possibility to get program stage access object from /programs api endpoint Done
Medium DHIS2-2670 Replace MapZen in Tracker Capture and Event Capture Done
High DHIS2-2641 Add site and secret key as system setting key Done
Medium DHIS2-2623 Implement xhr backend for i18next apps Done
Medium DHIS2-2620 Link data integrity help icon to user documentation Done
Medium DHIS2-2596 Color picker for organisation unit group Done
Medium DHIS2-2589 Support skipSharing for metadata export Done
Medium DHIS2-2583 Send SMS, email, message notification for program and stages to parent and grand parent organization contact Done
Medium DHIS2-2505 Implement i18n-next in the settings app Done
Medium DHIS2-2477 API accepting completion date for event Done
Medium DHIS2-2475 Refactor settings app to utilize i18next framework Done
Medium DHIS2-2453 Implement i18n in new dashboards app Done
Medium DHIS2-2446 Data entry rendering options per data element / attribute maintenance UI Done
Medium DHIS2-2443 Icon library for metadata Testing
Medium DHIS2-2441 Color in Program metadata Done
Medium DHIS2-2424 Program Enrollment Rules Done
Medium DHIS2-2421 Concatenate text as program rule or indicator Done
Medium DHIS2-2356 Program assignment on the screen of add/edit organisationunit Done
Medium DHIS2-2161 After editing an orgunit, the tree state is reset Done
Medium DHIS2-2151 More functional UI for new sharing authorities Testing
Medium DHIS2-1932 Add variable to the new program rules editor Done
Medium DHIS2-1745 Pagination of SQL View page results page Done
Medium DHIS2-1720 Make enrollment date and incident date editable Done
High DHIS2-1703 Hover over dashboard objects displays the Description Done
Medium DHIS2-1505 Program and Event Notification to support filtering user groups Done
Medium DHIS2-1398 Enrollment analytics based on custom dates Testing
Medium DHIS2-1341 Program stage variables in program rules Done
Medium DHIS2-1326 Audit message on accessing enrollment from org-unit outside owning org unit Testing
Medium DHIS2-1311 Querying Events API with attributeCc and attributeCos Done
Medium DHIS2-1153 Prevent OptionSets from having identical options Done
High DHIS2-1091 Tracked entity instance read auditlog Done
Medium DHIS2-1040 Padding around org unit group symbols left and bottom Done
High DHIS2-1035 Organisation Unit hierarchy Search function improvement Done
Medium DHIS2-980 Locale UI management Done
High DHIS2-747 Persist search state on edit object Done
High DHIS2-431 Filter option set values using other attribute/data element value using program rules Done
High DHIS2-178 Messaging app Done
Medium DHIS2-167 Two-factor authentication Done


Priority Key Summary Status
Medium DHIS2-4019 Dashboard Widgets Support Dropped Done
High DHIS2-3984 /trackedEntityInstances endpoint fails to fetch relationships if one of them is not accessible Done
High DHIS2-3983 /trackedEntityInstances endpoint crashes with orphan programStages Done
Highest DHIS2-3844 System can't generate analytics table (violates check constraint) Done
Highest DHIS2-3808 ORG_UNIT_CODE not included when generating ids Done
Low DHIS2-3800 Period translation in pivot table and data visualizer Done
Medium DHIS2-3779 Tracker enrollment - Yes/No fields as Radio Buttons give error Done
Highest DHIS2-3759 2.29 defect - async adx import does not work (throws exception) Done
High DHIS2-3755 Validation rule for data element with override categoryCombos Done
Highest DHIS2-3750 Event Reports fails for Boolean data elements Done
High DHIS2-3714 2.29 Defect: Pivot table loading interminably Done
Medium DHIS2-3710 Tracker Data Element Descriptions not appearing in data entry form (tested with Indonesian locale) Done
Medium DHIS2-3612 Illegal data element identifier Done
Medium DHIS2-3611 New cloned TEA has the same "Created" date value as the source TEA Done
Medium DHIS2-3610 Program rule option 'hide program stage' not working Done
Medium DHIS2-3593 Event Reports Module Defaults to Hiding Null BOOLEAN values Done
Highest DHIS2-3588 Changes to OrgUnitGroupMembers do not activate SAVE button Done
High DHIS2-3562 Save button is not enable when Edit data Set to assign orgUnit Done
Medium DHIS2-3546 Event Reports Does not show NULL counts for non-compulsory Data Elements with option sets / boolean values Done
Medium DHIS2-3506 Enrollment Date does not accept future dates when having ticked allow future enrollment dates Done
High DHIS2-3491 Multiple Root Element Analytics Api Done
Highest DHIS2-3485 Resource report can not be opened from Dashboards Done
Medium DHIS2-3464 Large number of program rules result in an invalid URI Done
Highest DHIS2-3461 Changes to saved favorites do not persist Done
Medium DHIS2-3453 Add Tracker Custom Registration Form missing in GUI Done
Medium DHIS2-3410 Periods order on charts Done
Medium DHIS2-3392 Can't assign users to VALIDATION_RESULT message type Done
Medium DHIS2-3369 Unhandled exception when evaluating Program Indicator filter Done
Medium DHIS2-3226 Enrollments: never return deleted values, don't allow to delete value via POST and PUT Done
Medium DHIS2-3224 Delete button under Interpretations should not be shown for other users who dont have access to delete Done
Medium DHIS2-3221 Program maintenance: Version number missing Done
Highest DHIS2-3199 Design Custom Registration Form for Tracker Program is not available in 2.29 Done
Medium DHIS2-3194 Tracker maintenance - unable to toggle display front page list option Done
Medium DHIS2-3189 Deleting message conversations does not work Done
High DHIS2-3143 Unknown name value [AVERAGE_INT] for enum class AggregationType Done
Medium DHIS2-3124 Program Indicator show "false" result in tracker capture Done
Medium DHIS2-3123 Total count on messageConversation does not update when using filter Done
Medium DHIS2-3121 Object filtering on access object not working Done
Medium DHIS2-2991 Event programs (Programs without registration) shouldn't allow Enrollments to be created Done
Medium DHIS2-2792 DHIS2 Maintenance Data Admin App does not work in 2.28 demo site Done
Medium DHIS2-2784 Translations of name are removed from reports (pivot tables, charts etc) on save Done
Medium DHIS2-2738 Data Approval Module not respect period type set in approval workflow Done
Medium DHIS2-2733 Program rule on assigning value to radio button Done
Medium DHIS2-2585 Period order not persisted in saved favorites Done
Medium DHIS2-2500 Events can be incompleted from any org unit Done
Medium DHIS2-2352 Complete/Incomplete Stage Done
High DHIS2-2160 Searching for a leaf orgunit leads to a dead end Testing
Medium DHIS2-2058 The UI allows removing users that own medatada Done
Medium DHIS2-2048 When querying events from the API, only events with the default attributeOptionCombo are returned Done
Medium DHIS2-1535 Pivot tables with metric 'reporting rates' - the total is a sum of all the percentages which can be over 100% Done
Medium DHIS2-1509 Name field is not getting validated while creating and saving new "Indicator" and "Category" Done
Medium DHIS2-1493 Name field is not getting validated on saving when creating a new organisation unit group set Done
Medium DHIS2-1457 Name field is not getting validated while saveing on creating new organisational unit group Done
High DHIS2-1357 When more than one type of period is selected they are rendered in the wrong order Done
Lowest DHIS2-1317 Top bar disappears in analysis (ExtJS based) apps Done
Medium DHIS2-1120 Sorting of periods in favourites used fixed AND relative periods Done
Highest DHIS2-575 Error with Aggregation of periods for indicators in Analytics Done