Mailing lists

The best way to join the DHIS2 community is to sign up for the DHIS2 Community of Practice.


Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in using DHIS2 for your organisation or government. We can be reached through the contact details below. For technical questions or questions related to DHIS 2 implementation please sign up and use the mailing lists as described above.



Office address

Ole Johan Dahls Building, Gaustadalléen 23 B, 0373 OSLO.

You can find directions to our offices here.


If you are looking for support for starting up a new DHIS 2 project we recommend that you reach out to the members of the DHIS 2 expert community. The community consists of independent consultants with extensive experience with DHIS 2 implementations who can assist you with configuration, training and project management. Read more at the expert community page.



DHIS 2 is developed by HISP which is a global south-south-north collaborative network aiming at better health care in developing countries through the combination of research on and implementation of health information systems.

Issue tracker

DHIS 2 uses JIRA for issue tracking. You can use it to report bugs and request new features. You can search for features to get an overview of which features make it into each release.


DHIS 2 is released as free and open software under the BSD 2-clause license. This means that the application can be used free of charge, you can access to the source code and may even modify and redistribute the software as you like. The only restriction is that the copyright notice must be maintained in the source code.

Source code

The DHIS 2 source code is hosted on Github. The core server-side code is found in the dhis2-core repository and the client-side apps are found in individual app repositories.


The DHIS 2 team has kindly been granted licenses for the following software.

DHIS 2 is generously sponsored by Yourkit with licenses to perform application profiling.

DHIS 2 is generously supported by BrowserStack to help ensure a great experience for our users.


Netlify sponsors DHIS2 with a unified solution for one-click deployments that improves our workflow and how we deploy code.