COVID-19 Package Training Material

The DHIS2 COVID-19 Training Material offers learning aids that are based on the standard COVID-19 packages. In order to use them effectively, they will need to be populated with specific information from your own COVID-19 implementation (text modification, screenshots, instructions for/from your specific implementation) and are meant as a reference when designing your own training material. They complement the existing documentation, which should be used as an additional reference as required. The material currently available can be downloaded as zip files and includes:

  • Data Entry (Web): Includes Trainer’s Guide to conducting the training session, Exercises to accompany the training session, and 1-page Job Aids for end-users to refer to during and after the training. Available for the following packages:
  • Android Data Entry: User & Trainer's Guides for the Case-based Surveillance, Contact Registration & Follow-up, Port of Entry, Events Surveillance and Aggregate Surveillance packages

  • Common Settings for Android: User guide for managing common Android settings >> Download .docx file