Dashboard sharing with user groups

Sharing dashboards with users that have similar information needs can be useful when disseminating information and starting discussion on health programs. In this tutorial, learn how to share the dashboards you have made with other users.

In order to share a dashboard select the dashboard of interest that you wish to share. Click on the “Share” button to bring up the dashboard sharing settings menu.

You will see the following menu after clicking on the “Share” button

In order to share the dashboard with specific user groups search for them in the box with the prompt “Search for user groups.” Select the user Group from the dropdown box and click on the “+” sign to add the user group to the sharing settings.

After you have added the groups you wish to share the dashboard with, you can then assign them various permissions.

  • External access (without login) : allows for the dashboard to be accessed by external resources through the API, such as web portals
  • None: no access to the dashboard is granted
  • Can View: the user group/public can view the dashboard
  • Can edit and view: the user group/public can view and edit (move items around, rename, delete items, etc.) the dashboard

Once you are done, you can click on “Save” and the dashboard will be shared with the user groups that have been specified. When they login next, they will see the dashboard available for their review.

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