DHIS 2 Academy, Level 1

DHIS 2 Design & Customization Academy

Duration: 6 days

Prerequisite: A completion certificate awarded during a previous DHIS 2 Academy or having completed the Online Course on DHIS2 Fundamentals.


This specialization course will teach you the basics of DHIS 2 system configuration. The Academy focuses on key design concepts in DHIS 2 and covers best practices in setting up and maintaining a high quality instance of the platform. The training covers all the important customization steps including organisation units, data elements and categories, data sets, groups and group sets, sharing of metadata, user/access management and more. Tracker customization is covered in a separate course. The DHIS 2 Aggregate Design & Customization course is structured around four elements:

  • Conceptual model: the information cycle
  • Conceptual model: the hierarchy of standards
  • Mother and child health example program – the 1000 most vulnerable days
  • DHIS 2 training environment called Trainingland
Learning Objectives

The Learning objectives are:

  • DHIS 2 Customization;
  • Good practices for tidy databases and data quality;
  • Create, administer and maintain the organizational hierarchy, data elements, data sets, indicators, validation rules and standard deviation analysis;
  • Perform detailed user management;
  • Preparing for data analysis.
Course outline
  • Data elements and indicators
  • Data collection, data quality and visualization
  • Data sharing and dashboards

Attendance to this training is mandatory for further specialization in DHIS 2 Aggregate Design & Customization, Level 2.