Android App Development

Source code

DHIS2 is open source software and the source code is on Github. If you would like to contribute, please fork our repositories and open a pull request.

Android Development Roadmap

If you are thinking about doing a contribution to the Android App source code, check our DHIS2 Android App roadmap in Jira, and please contact us in the Android developers section in the Community before you starting to work on a contribution so that we can plan together.

DHIS2 Android SDK

DHIS2 Android SDK provides the following key services:

  1. Sync (one way) of metadata for all data models: makes available in a local database all the necessary metadata for datasets and programs, including all related elements.
  2. Sync (bidireccional) of data: automatically downloads most relevant data to the logged user for active programs and datasets. Offline, locally updated data is automatically synchronized with the host server.
  3. Calculates and evaluates indicators, programs rules and a dataset validations.
  4. Keep compatibility with DHIS2 current version and at least two previous versions.

You can follow the SDK development in Github

Issue tracking

You can browse existing requirements and bugs from the issue search screen, suggest new features or report new bugs. You will need a DHIS2 user JIRA for issue tracking.

When reporting a bug please specify:

  • Overview of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce it
  • Expected behaviour
  • Screenshot or video (if possible)
  • Server where it can be reproduced (if possible). Do not share credentials publicly! Contact us in private message.
  • DHIS2 version and build revision
  • DHIS2 Android App version
  • Android OS version
  • Device (when possible)

Skeleton Android App

In order to facilitate the adoption and use of the Android SDK, we have also developed a skeleton Android app that includes the SDK and the DHIS2 Rule Engine dependencies. This application allows developers to log in to DHIS2 servers and download DHIS2 data and metadata, so it can be used by android developers, who want to build their own DHIS2 android app, as a starting point. It's composed for a splash, a login activity and a main activity. It also provide a menu to log out and delete data. You can check out the code and download the app from here

Icon library

DHIS2.30 and the new DHIS2 Android App allows you to select icons for programs, datasets and the options of an optionset. DHIS2.30 incorporates 125 icons. We plan to expand the collection of icons on each future version of DHIS2- for that we need your help: we are seeking ideas for new icon - please submit yours using this form.


In the mobile team we work to adhere to OWASP Application Security Verification Standard

This is the status or our App for the OWASP ASVS V 1.1.3 You can find details on the requirements here.