DHIS 2 is open source software licensed under the liberal BSD license and is free for everyone to install and use. You can now get the DHIS 2 software as a service, where hosting aspects such as backups, security and high-speed connectivity are taken care of. Read more ยป

WAR file

The WAR file requires you to install a Java servlet container (like Tomcat or Jetty) and a relational database (PostgreSQL, MySQL and H2 are supported). You can get the latest stable release at, and the latest build from here. Check out the installation guide for Ubuntu Linux here. For the bleeding edge build check out the continuous integration server. WAR files are copied from our continuous integration server where you can find revision number and build time.

Production Package Release date Upgrade notes Release notes Size Version
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.31.1 04.02.2019 Upgrade notes 2.31 Release notes 244 Mb 2.31
2.31.1 Patch Release notes
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.30 10.07.2018 Upgrade notes Release notes 232 Mb 2.30
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.29 07.03.2018 Upgrade notes Release notes 200 Mb 2.29
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.28 11.10.2017 Upgrade notes Release notes 183 Mb 2.28
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.27 01.06.2017 Upgrade notes Release notes 176 Mb 2.27
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.26 31.01.2017 Upgrade notes Release notes 168 Mb 2.26
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.25 13.10.2016 Upgrade notes Release notes 144 Mb 2.25
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.24 04.07.2016 Upgrade notes Release notes 136 Mb 2.24

For the latest (unstable) versions of a given release, look here.

DHIS 2 Live

This package is easy to install and convenient as it contains an embedded Jetty servlet container. You need to install PostgresQL yourself. Unpack the archive, point the "dhis.conf" configuration file to your PostgreSQL instance, run the executable file and you are good to go. Login on the empty database is admin / district.

Package Size Version
DHIS 2 Live 200 Mb 2.29

Android apps

The Android applications are mobile extensions of DHIS 2 and allows for capture and analysis of your data. The apps are generally linked directly to your DHIS 2 server, removing the need for manual steps for synchronizing data between the clients and the server. Data can be saved while being offline and uploaded to the server when connectivity is present.

You can get the Android apps from the DHIS 2 Android app store.

Java mobile client

The DHIS 2 mobile clients runs on Java enabled mobile phones. The solution relies on an available data connection also known as GPRS, Edge or 3G, over which it communicates with a DHIS 2 server instance being publicly available on the internet.

There are two separate client applications available: the facility reporter and the program tracker. The facility reporting client is for regular data reporting from a facility, while the program tracker is designed for following up and reporting on individual program service deliveries to beneficiaries, as part of the name-based component of DHIS2.

Package Descriptor Size Version
DHIS 2 Mobile Aggregate Reporter JAR JAD (Descriptor) 240 Kb 2.16
DHIS 2 Mobile Aggregate Reporter JAR JAD (Descriptor) 130 Kb 2.11
DHIS 2 Mobile Program Tracking JAR JAD (Descriptor) 430 Kb 2.16
DHIS 2 Mobile Program Tracking JAR JAD (Descriptor) 376 Kb 2.15

Source code

The source code is hosted at Github and you can find it at The server-side code is found in the dhis2-core repository. Each stable release has its own release branch, named like 2.23, 2.24, 2.25 and so on. The client-side apps are found in separate repositories named with an -app suffix. E.g. the maintenance app is found in the maintenance-app repository. The source code is released under the BSD license, and can be modified and redistributed pretty much as you like.

Sample data

When setting up your system it is useful to have access to a database with sample data. This database contains data from the DHIS 2 implementation in Sierra Leone. The PostgreSQL file must be gunzipped and can be imported through pgAdmin restore function or with psql -d dbname -U username -f dhis2-db-sierra-leone.sql. You might want to install the 7zip package to gunzip the database file on Windows.

Package Size Version
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 77 Mb 2.31 latest
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 77 Mb 2.31.1 stable
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 77 Mb 2.30
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 76 Mb 2.29
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 76 Mb 2.28
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 75 Mb 2.27
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 70 Mb 2.26
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 63 Mb 2.25
Sample database (PostgreSQL) 63 Mb 2.24

You can also find all sample data on the DHIS 2 demo database GitHub repository.