DHIS 2 Academies for Eastern Africa

HISP East Africa

HISP East Africa is (HISP EAC) a conglomerate of different regional institutions: HISP Tanzania, HISP Rwanda, HISP Uganda, HISP Kenya, aiming at developing sustainable and integrated ICT based Health Information Systems to improve the quality, coverage and efficiency of health services in East Africa.

The main mission of HISP EAC is to build partnerships with various stakeholders to support integration of information systems through open Standards and focus on local solutions that are based on free and open source philosophy.

The institution aims at:

  • Creating in-country and regional partnership for strengthening Health Information Systems
  • Supporting the use of health Information for Action in East Africa
  • Supporting implementation of flexible and open source DHIS2 software
  • Fostering a stronger DHIS 2 Software development node based in East Africa

HISP EAC is actively collaborating with University of Oslo to host a series of Academies in East Africa.