DHIS 2 Academies for Western Africa

HISP Nigeria

The Health Information System Programme (HISP) - International network is a global network of like-minded Health Information System (HIS) practitioners and researchers throughout Africa and Asia. The network is dedicated to strengthening national health information systems (HIS) and empowering managers at all levels of the health system to use information to improve health service delivery.

HISP Nigeria was established to provide technical support to government and other partners on health information systems including on deployment of DHIS for core M&E functions.

The HISP Nigeria team is comprised of experts with broad experience in M&E, social systems development expertise and have been involved extensively in the consolidation of the DHIS in Nigeria. We have a vision of a strengthened and robust health information system for Nigeria through development of partnerships and networks within the health sector.

HISP Nigeria works to build capacity in health information systems so as to improve health care delivery for all Nigerians and is actively collaborating with University of Oslo to host a series of Academies in Nigeria.

DHIS 2 Information Use Academy

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DHIS 2 Tracker Academy

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DHIS 2 Design and Customization Academy
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3 - 8 April 2017 Nigeria English Registration
DHIS 2 Conference

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