Program indicators basics

Program data collected on an individual basis can also be useful during analysis; both individually as well as during aggregated analysis. Learn the basics of adding a program indicator to an event/tracker program, including displaying it within the tracker and event capture apps during data entry.

This tutorial provides a basic example of creating program indicator, BMI.

In order to create a new program indicator, navigate to Apps->Programs/Attributes->Programs

Select the program that you want to create the indicator for. Select “View program indicators” to add in the indicator for BMI.

From the Program indicator management screen, click on “Add new” to add a new program indicator.

Provide the indicator with a name, short name, number of decimals and aggregation type at minimum and ensure “Display in form” is ticked.

Next, create the indicator expression by selecting the data elements from the program stage. There is a section for filters, but we will not use that in this tutorial. Click on “Add” when you are finished.

With “Display in form” checked, the program indicator will appear in a separate “Indicators” section on the event/tracker capture data entry form.

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