How to get support for DHIS 2 projects

So you are considering DHIS 2 for your organisation or country? Read this tutorial to understand how you can get support for your DHIS 2 implementation project.

In order to get support for your DHIS 2 implementation project you have the following resources available.

Mailing lists

We have two mailing lists, one for users and one for developers. The mailing lists are read by a large community, are responsive and will typically provide answers to your questions within a day or two. By signing up you will also be able to read threads on interesting topics and keep up to date with the current development of DHIS 2. You can get instructions on how to sign up here on the contact page.


On you will find user documentation and implementation guide. The user documentation explains the principles behind the software and how it can be operated. The implementation guide covers multiple aspects of an implementation process, including general recommendations, design principles, deployment, integration with other systems and more.


We hold DHIS 2 trainings in most parts of the world under the name DHIS 2 Academy. The academies aim at strengthening national and regional capacity to successfully set up, design, and maintain the DHIS 2 software through an intensive training program with both theoretical/conceptual and practical sessions. You can get an overview of upcoming academies on the academy pages.

Professional support

The DHIS 2 expert community consists of professional with a high level of expertise and experience with DHIS 2 implementations. The experts are available for consultancy services and can assist with project planning and advice, DHIS 2 customization and configuration, training of users and more. The consultants can be contacted directly in order to get professional support for your project. Read more at the expert community pages.


You can now get DHIS 2 delivered as a managed, cloud-based instance, removing the need for installing and maintaining servers yourself. Read about managed hosting on the hosting pages. If you would like to install the system yourself you can find installation instructions in the installation documentation yourself. The system is Java-based and may be set up on solely open-source middle-ware.


The DHIS 2 team is available to assist you with planning and advice. Let us know if you have any question around the software, implementation, or anything else. You can find contact details on the contact pages.