DHIS 2 Academy Goa 2017

DHIS 2 Academy - Disease Surveillance, Goa 2017,
Level 2

The International Centre Goa, India
02 - 05 May 2017


Surveillance of priority diseases and events remains key on the Global Health Security Agenda, so does the need to have reliable information systems for Prevention, Detection and Responding.

In most developing countries, public and community health workers are challenged with collection, dissemination, analysis and presentation of surveillance data. A majority of these countries lack functional structures to detect, prevent and respond to public health events.

The DHIS 2 community is working closely with global, regional and national partners to gather and document requirements improving Diseases Surveillance.

This Academy, hosted by the University of Oslo in collaboration with partners and the DHIS 2 community, aims at strengthening capacity for implementers wishing to customize surveillance systems for public health events.

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