Learn DHIS 2

We are happy for your interest in DHIS2. Here you will find a collection of resources intended to help you learn about the system. We recommend that you check out the documentation, the demo and information about DHIS2 Academies - all intended for your learning pleasure.
Feature Spotlight
Check out videos and screencasts which highlights new features of DHIS2. The videos are useful for understanding which new features are available and how to utilize them for your use case.
In the documentation portal you will find user documentation, implementation guide, developer guide and sysadmin guide.
Check out the demo DHIS2 application which contains a randomized database from the Sierra Leone HMIS instance.
DHIS2 Academy
Read more about our DHIS2 Academy program, which includes free online training courses, as well as in-person trainings conducted multiple times per year in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.
Have a look at the tutorials which covers a broad range of topics, including useful tips and tricks for DHIS2 customization, configuration and development. Do you have a useful tutorial you would like to share? Send it to us at post@dhis2.org.
User Stories
Read the stories told by users of DHIS2 and learn how people are using DHIS2 to solve problems in various domains.
Issue Tracking
DHIS2 uses JIRA for issue tracking. Sign up for an account to propose a new feature or report a bug. Please be specific and include as much context as possible.
Learn how the DHIS2 team handles security and how to report a security issue with DHIS2.
Questions & Answers
Join the DHIS2 Community of Practice to ask questions, get answers, and share knowledge with the DHIS2 core team and the global DHIS2 community.