Learn DHIS 2

We are happy for your interest in DHIS 2. Here you will find a collection of resources intended to help you learn about the system. We recommend that you check out the documentation, the demo and information about our academies - all intended for your learning pleasure.
Here you will find user documentation, implementation guide, end-user manual and developer guide.
Check out the demo DHIS 2 application which contains a randomized database from the Sierra Leone HMIS instance.
Have a look at the tutorials which covers a broad range of topics, including useful tips and tricks for DHIS 2 customization, configuration and development. Do you have a useful tutorial you would like to share? Send it to us at post@dhis2.org.
User Stories
Read the stories told by users of DHIS 2 and learn how people are using DHIS 2 to solve problems in various domains.
Download the posters of our international academies.
Issue Tracking
DHIS 2 uses JIRA for issue tracking. Sign up for an account to propose a new feature or report a bug. Please be specific and include as much context as possible.
Learn how the DHIS 2 team handles security and how to report a security issue with DHIS 2.
Questions & Answers
DHIS 2 uses the webmasters community on Stack Exchange for questions and answers. Sign up to post your questions and provide answers under the dhis2 tag.
Read more about our DHIS 2 academies, which are training sessions being conducted multiple times per year in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.