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Recent DHIS2 News and Highlights

Roux Prize Ceremony
Kristin and Jørn Braa of HISP-UiO awarded the 2020 Roux Prize
Presented by David and Barbara Roux of the IHME
The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation presented the 2020 Roux Prize to Kristin and Jørn Braa for their work with DHIS2 in turning health data into health impact.
CDC and UiO Announce 5-Year Partnership
The CDC and UiO Announce 5-Year Partnership on COVID-19 and Surveillance Strengthening
Presented at DHIS2 Annual Conference, 22 September 2020
Dr. Carl Kinkade of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the collaborative agreement with HISP-UiO, with the goal of supporting "the day-to-day work that enables the saving of lives in each country."
WHO ADG DHIS2 conference remarks
WHO Assistant Director General praises DHIS2 as a "practical tool that harnesses the power of data"
Presented at DHIS2 Annual Conference, 21 September 2020
Dr. Samira Asma opened the DHIS2 Annual Conference by highlighting HISP-UiO as “a longstanding partner of the WHO and a collaborating center for health information systems and innovations” and noting the importance of digital solutions in responding to COVID-19
Norway Prime Minister DHIS2 Public Good Speech
Norway's Prime Minister Presents DHIS2 as Leading Example of a Digital Public Good
Published by New America, 18 September 2020
During her opening remarks at an international event on using digital public goods to strengthen public institutions, Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister of Norway, highlighted DHIS2 as an example of how collaborative solutions help countries respond to crisis.
JHU COVID-19 digital tools report summary
DHIS2 Stands Out for "Maturity, Flexibility, and Large-Scale Deployment" in JHU Report
Report published by Johns Hopkins University, 21 July 2020
DHIS2 Tracker was identified as a leading platform for COVID-19 response in a Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative assessement of digital platforms used in low- and middle-income countries that could be rapidly reconfigured to address COVID-19 related case management and contact tracing needs.
Aftenposten Covid DHIS2 article
Norwegian virus hunters used pen and paper. In Uganda and Sri Lanka, the hunt is more effective 
Published by Aftenposten, 22 May 2020
Norway's largest newspaper, Aftenposten, published an article comparing the success of countries such as Uganda and Sri Lanka in deploying digital tools (particularly DHIS2) in response to the coronavirus, while wealthier countries used more basic methods.
Norwegian program traces possible carried of terrifying virus
Published by Dagbladet, 05 Feb 2020
Just weeks into the global Covid-19 pandemic, DHIS2 was featured in an article in Dagbladet--one of Norway’s largest newspapers--that focused on Sri Lanka's innovative use of technology in tracking the spread of Covid-19.

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DHIS2 Events

The DHIS2 core team, experts from the global HISP network, representatives from international public health organizations and national ministries of health, and members of the DHIS2 community came together from around the world at the largest DHIS2 event of the year, the DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference.

The 2020 conference featured opening remarks from Dr. Samira Asma, WHO Assistant Director General, Division of Data, Analytics and Delivery for Impact, and highlighted the collaboration between DHIS2 and WHO, and the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic with DHIS2.

Upcoming public DHIS2 events will be listed here. For a schedule of our upcoming DHIS2 training programs, see the DHIS2 Academy page.

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