Research Publications from HISP UiO

Research on DHIS2 and the global HISP project is instrumental in helping assess the impact of DHIS2 in strengthening health information systems in low- and middle-income countries, and the outcomes of this research feed back into the DHIS2 development and implementation processes. 

HISP UiO generates high-quality research outputs through faculty researchers, as well as PhD and Master’s candidates. Their work frequently appears as published research in international journals. HISP researchers have produced widely cited scientific outputs such as the “networks of action” approach, which has been adopted globally by researchers and practitioners.

On this page, you can find a selection of featured HISP publications on DHIS2 and health information systems. For an updated list of recent publications that present research and analysis related to DHIS2 and Health Information Systems, visit the research library on the HISP UiO website.

The following publications present key research findings and historical information on DHIS2 and projects where DHIS2 has been used:

Title Author(s) Keywords Link

The Dynamics of a Global Health Information Systems Research and Implementation Project

Eric Adu-Gyamfi

Petter Nielsen

Johan Ivar Sæbø

HISP, DHIS2, health information systems implementation, participatory action research, open-source software Download PDF
Institutionalizing Information Systems for Universal Health Coverage in Primary Health Care and the Need for New Forms of Institutional Work

Sundeep Sahay

Petter Nielsen

Margunn Aanestad

Universal Health Coverage, Health Information Systems, Primary Health Care, Institutional Work Download PDF
Making Usable Generic Software. A Matter of Global or Local Design?

Magnus Li

Petter Nielsen

Usability, Generic Software, Implementation-level design, Meta-usability Download PDF

Digital Empowerment for Health Workers and Implications on EMRs Utilisation

Chipo Kanjo

Joshua Hara

Jens Kaasbøll

Electronic Medical Record, Digital Empowerment, Computer Literacy, Keyboard Typing

Download PDF
The social and technical conditions enabling innovations in information infrastructures: A case study from public health in Tanzania

Masoud Hussein Mahundi

Petter Nielsen

Honest Kimaro

DHIS2, health, innovations, information infrastructure, social and technical conditions Download PDF
Challenges and opportunities of using DHIS2 to strengthen health information systems in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A regional approach

Sundeep Sahay 

Arash Rashidian 

Henry V. Doctor

EMRO, DHIS2, regional approach Download PDF