This page describes the DHIS 2 high-level road map for the upcoming 2.22 through 2.25 releases leading up to October 2016.


  • Version 2.22 - January 8, 2016
  • Version 2.23 - April 1, 2016
  • Version 2.24 - July 1, 2016
  • Version 2.25 - October 8, 2016

See the change log.

Platform & Web API

  • D2 Javascript framework
    A Javascript framework for working with the DHIS 2 Web API, and a library for UI widgets to use with DHIS 2.
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  • App developer guide
    A guide for DHIS 2 app developers which will cover how make apps, work with the d2 library and more.
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  • Apps and Web API architecture
    Appification of the remaining Web modules including a new meta-data app which will centralize maintenance of all objects.
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  • LDAP/AD support
    Support for authentication through LDAP/Active Directory.
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Data visualization and analytics

  • Program indicators and data elements in aggregate indicators
    Program indicators and tracker data elements in aggregate indicators to allow for uniform analysis across routine data and events.
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  • Event clustering in GIS
    Clustering of events in GIS to allow for scalable analysis of events
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  • Google Earth Engine integration in GIS
    Add a new satellite imagery layer in GIS using the Google Earth Engine platform.
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  • Color schemes in Data Visualizer
    Support configurable color schemes for charts to give more control over the the visual appearance.
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  • Push analysis over email and SMS
    Push of relevant reports and data analysis to end users on email and SMS to improve data use and engagement.
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  • Internationalization
    Internationalization of meta-data in all data analysis apps and in the Web API.
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  • Dashboard organisation unit and period filters
    Organiation unit and period filters for items in dashboards, applied to user organisation units and relative periods.
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  • Drill-down in charts and pivot tables
    Drill-down into the organisation unit hierarchy or period types in pivot table and data visualizer apps.
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  • Last value in aggregation operator in analytics
    Aggregation operator for returning the last recorded value in the time dimension in analytics.
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Data exchange

  • Standardization and ADX
    Develop and implement the ADX standard for aggregated health data exchange.
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  • Constraints
    Additional optional constraints for the data import process in order to make it consistent with the data entry process.
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  • Facility registry
    Explore and implement features to allow DHIS 2 to function as a facility registry.
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  • Data dictionary
    Explore and implement features to allow DHIS 2 to function as a data dictionary / terminology service.
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  • Data import reference
    Capability for referencing and rolling back the new and updated records which occurred as a result of a data import.
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Notifications, alerts and feedback

  • Notifications on missing data entry and approval
    Automatic notifications to end users to encourage action for missing data entry forms, approval of data, new reports and more.
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  • Surveillance alerts
    Improved capabilities for sending alerts for notifiable conditions and surveillance.
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  • Dashboard app
    App for offline access to dashboard visualizations.
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  • SDK
    Software development kit which encapsulates common functionality for all DHIS 2 Android apps.
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  • Integrated apps with shared database
    Make all Android apps access and share a common database to allow for better integration and efficient synchronization.
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  • Rule based dashboard with notifications and warnings
    Support for rule-based warnings and notifications based on configurable conditions in tracker capture.
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  • Reminders and notifications
    Implementation of a scalable solution for sending reminders and notifications in tracker programs.
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  • Functions and variables in program indicators
    Support for functions and variables in program indicator expressions to allow for more sophisticated calculations.
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  • Approval / workflow for programs and events
    Support approval and workflow for programs and events.
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  • Encryption of identifiable information
    Add capability for encryption sensitive / identifiable attribute data in tracker.
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Performance and availability

  • Horizontal Web server scalability
    Add capability of shared application cache and ability to run a DHIS 2 instance on multiple Web servers.
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  • Horizontal analytics database scalability
    Separate transaction and analytics databases with capability of read-only replicas of the analytics partitions database.
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  • Analytics update on-demand
    Capability for updating analytics partition tables only when necessary.
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