Signing up for Google Earth Engine for DHIS 2

In DHIS 2.24 we introduced layers based on the Google Earth Engine platform in the GIS app. To enable this feature you must first sign up for the Earth Engine service at Google. This tutorial explains how.

To enable the Google Earth Engine layers in DHIS 2 you must follow these steps.

1. Set up or use an existing Google account

To sign up for Earth Engine access you need a Google account. You would likely prefer to use an account associated with your organization instead of a personal account for sustainability. Use an existing account or sign up for one here.

2. Sign up for Earth Engine

Sign up for Earth Engine access here.

3. Create a Google service account

To use Earth Engine, you must authenticate to Google, and setting up a service account allows you to do that. You first need to create a project from the Google API Console from here. Then create a service account from this link. Select your newly created project and click "Open". Click "Create service account". Type a name for the service account, select "Furnish a new private key", and click "Create". Learn more about service accounts here.

4. Whitelist the service account

To whitelist the account for Earth Engine access, send the email address associated with the client ID and secret to The service account email address should look something like Include the Gmail address of the account used to sign up for Earth Engine, and state that you will use Earth Engine for DHIS 2 purposes. Learn more here.

5. Configure DHIS 2 for Earth Engine

Using your newly created service account, log into the console, download credentials and configure it for DHIS 2 as described in the installation guide here. Make sure you restart your DHIS 2 instance.

You should now be able to access the Earth Engine layer from the top menu in the GIS app. Enjoy!