DHIS 2 Symposium 2017


The University of Oslo and BAO Systems are pleased to announce the “DHIS 2 Symposium 2017” to be held on 23 - 24 March at the FHI 360 Conference Center, Washington D.C.


Join us!

DHIS 2 is a web-based, free and open source platform running in more than 60 countries globally and provides a wide range of possibilities for building integrated yet customised information systems.

The system is developed and managed by the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo (UiO) and supported by the Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) network. The software is backed by a large and growing implementing community.

The DHIS 2 Symposium is the only US-based DHIS 2 conference, providing an exciting environment for M&E and data management practitioners to learn from their peers and become part of the DHIS 2 community.

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What is the DHIS 2 Symposium?

Since 2013, DHIS 2 has become the management information system of choice for many international NGOs working across a variety of sectors. The DHIS 2 symposium brings together experienced DHIS 2 users, technical experts, implementers and trainers across the public and NGO sectors in order to share best practices and lessons learned in the implementation and use of DHIS 2.

The symposium is an opportunity for participants to learn about the development roadmap of the software, meet the development team and learn about UiO initiatives in advancing the DHIS 2 learning environment. The event will showcase use-cases that have adopted DHIS 2 in creative ways to solve data management challenges.

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2017 Symposium Themes

As we head into our third year of the DHIS 2 Symposium, the DHIS 2 landscape continues to expand exponentially. Implementing partners are faced with aligning internal systems against national MoH and donor systems.

This year, the symposium’s themes will explore this multi-system landscape and how system alignment and interoperability can reduce data duplication, ensure data quality and data management efficiency. We will also look at efforts to drive data usage through innovative apps, analytics or business intelligence tools.

Topics to be explored include:

  • How can we align and harmonize data across stakeholders without compromising competing priorities?
  • How can advances in system interoperability and data exchange help each of these stakeholder get the critical information they need?
  • How is your data used in concrete ways to drive decision-making, course-correction, and impact of your programs?
  • In what innovative ways is DHIS 2 being used - even beyond health technical areas? What innovative apps has our community developed?

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Who should attend

We encourage international development M&E specialists, project and program managers, IT staff, consultants and others who are interested to learn more about DHIS 2 implementation to attend.

The two-day event will provide opportunity for participants to meet users, implementers and developers and learn about how DHIS 2 could be utilized to support their specific use case. Participants will have first-level access to the University of Oslo development team to provide feedback and request for new features.

If you attended the symposium in the previous year you should consider attending again to learn about the latest developments in the community, the software and resources available to the community.


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