Uploading an app to the DHIS2 app store

This tutorial explains how to upload an app to the DHIS2 app store.

The DHIS2 app store can be found here: https://apps.dhis2.org

Uploading an app

1. Sign in: Start by signing in by using your Google ID. Click on the user icon in the top-right corner and select your Google account. 2. Go to the upload screen: Click the Upload link in the left side menu. Continue to fill in all fields on the upload app screen.

  • App name: The name of the app.
  • App description: The description of the app.
  • App type: Standard is a regular DHIS2 app. Dashboard refers to a analytics dashboard widget app. Tracker dashboard refers to a widget within the tracker dashboard.
  • Version: The version of the app.
  • Min DHIS 2 version: The minimum version of DHIS2 required for the app to work. This means which version of the DHIS2 API which the app needs to be compatible.
  • Max DHIS2 version (optional): The maximum version of DHIS2 required for the app to work. This can be left blank if the app works for all released versions of DHIS2 above the min version.
  • Upload app: Click the upload button and select your app ZIP bundle.
  • Developer name: The name of the developer. Can be personal or refer to an organisation.
  • Developer email: The email contact address for the person or organisation behind the app.
  • Organisation: The organisation behind the app.
  • Image logo: An image to be displayed on the app overview page. You can upload additional images later.
  • Image caption: The caption text for the image, will be displayed on top of the bottom part of the image.
  • Image description: The description of the image, will be displayed below the image.

Finally click Upload. 3. Await approval: A newly uploaded app needs to be approved by the DHIS2 team. We will provide feedback and approve it as soon as possible.

Updating an app

After your app has been approved you have the opportunity to upload additional versions of the app. 1. Select app: Click Apps in the left side menu and select the relevant app. 2. Upload app: Click the + icon in the Versions section. 3. Enter details: Enter app version details including app version, min and max DHIS2 version and select the app ZIP bundle.


For an app to be approved it needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The app must be generic, meaning it must be able to work against any DHIS2 instance (configuration). It is okay if the app depends on some configuration to be present in the system instance. If so these steps must be documented.
  • The app must have an open source license.
  • The app must be meaningful and not offensive.

You can register issues and suggestions for the app store in Jira under the "App Store for DHIS2" project.